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Jessica Frison
August 10
Chicago, IL


My name is Jessica Frison and I graduated in May 2010 From SIU (Beta Chapter) majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology. I enjoying listening to music, mostly hip-hop and r & b, as well as dancing and strolling. My favorite color is green and I LOVE to EAT and trying all different kinds of food. I am the oldest of 3 girls and the first generation to go away to college in my family. Everyone says one of my sisters looks exactly like me and always mistake us for twins even though I am 5 years older. I am also very close to my family especially to my father.


Sports, Music, Movies, and I love to read!


Southern Illinois University
Electrical Engr. Technology
Attended from 2005 to 2010

School Thornwood
Graduated in 2005
  Attended from 2001 to 2005